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My Services

I currently only offer content marketing consulting services to a handful of carefully-selected clients.

I only work with clients for whom I’m confident I can deliver measurable results.

I’m always happy to speak with prospective new clients. If I don’t believe we’re a good fit to work together, I will tell you rather than wasting your time and money on a project that’s not worthwhile.

Below is a bit of a boring list of SEO- and content-related stuff that I do.


The tl;dr version: I help clients with their blog and website content to increase their organic search traffic and generate more clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Organic SEO keyword research

Use premium SEO tools to discover new organic SEO traffic opportunities as well as identify SEO gaps and opportunities in current content and strategy.

Perform competitive content and keyword analysis on competitor websites.

Focus on content, keywords, and traffic that drives revenue (rather than merely any keyword you could get traffic for)


Optimization and Onsite SEO

Provide best practices for on-page SEO optimization


Set up best practices for editorial teams and optimizing individual posts


Perform content audits on existing content and suggest SEO improvements


Other Content-Related Services

Research and outline content designed to earn backlinks


Assist with hiring of writers, editors, and other editorial team members.

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